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5 Wedding Venue Requirements

Whether you are hosting your wedding at a traditional wedding venue or you are planning your wedding day at a private estate there are five key characteristics in your wedding venue that can make or break you and your guest’s overall weekend experience. Do not forget to ensure the following elements have been well thought out and planned. Although these details are not the most pleasurable aspects of your wedding planning process, they are some of the most rewarding details on your wedding day.


There are many factors of accessibility that are required for the ease of not only your guests but the vendor team. 
The ease of access to your venue site from main roads and on-site access is important for smooth arrivals and departures. If you have rental companies arriving with box trucks make sure they have road access to the site of drop-off. If not, you may incur additional charges for delivery teams to use additional equipment or hire additional staff. 

On the day of your wedding confirm there is available parking, if not, schedule transportation to pick guests up at their accommodations. Insufficient parking can cause timeline delays and frustrate your guests. (Don’t forget to add signage from the parking location directing guests to the wedding!) If you have any guests that are handicapped make sure they have access to all parts of the wedding day celebration. Every one of your guests should feel comfortable moving about all of your event spaces. 

Lastly, it is important to make sure your guests have easy access to the bar and to the bathroom! Let me say this again, BAR & BATHROOM! Two of the most memorable experiences for each one of your guests, besides the gushy love stuff. Hire extra bar staff to keep those lines short and if there are not enough stalls available at your venue rent a luxury bathroom trailer! 


The temperature on your wedding day can dictate the length of time your guests are willing to stay. Let’s be honest, no one wants to have their party be abandoned earlier than expected. In the White Mountains, it is crucial to have heaters on your rental list the last couple of weekends in September through October. Providing warm beverages and blankets at outdoor ceremonies is a nice gesture. If the weather ends up being warm you can always cancel the heaters off of your rental list but ensuring initial availability is crucial. Contrarily, in the summer months, provide refreshments and fans or parasols at outdoor ceremonies and rent fans for your tented reception.


When thinking about the environment on your wedding day we not only urge you to consider Plan B event locations in case of inclement weather such as rain but additionally, the impacts of gushing wind and beating sun. If you are in the mountains or the coast make sure all decor is secured. There have been instances where the wind has been so intense that entire tablescapes have been flipped upside down. Get sides for your outdoor tent and ensure loose décor such as place cards are secured. 

Many outdoor wedding venues or private estates forget that grooming your environment before your event takes place is an important element in the days leading up to your event. In addition to fresh landscaping don’t forget to hire outdoor pest control services. Companies like, mosquito job, offer mosquitoes treatment before your event takes place. Don’t let mosquitoes and bugs ruin your evening but rather ensure you hire pest control services and have amble bug repellent available to guests. 


Power – Before booking your 7-9 piece band, caterer, bathroom, and lighting confirm that your venue has enough electric power to support each vendor’s individual needs. When n doubt, always rent an additional generator to support any outages. 

Water – Ensure your caterer, beverage team, and bathroom trailer have the correct hookups required for their success. If you do not have water access make sure you let them each vendor I know in the booking process so that they can plan accordingly. 


Confirm dimmable lighting in your reception space, lighted pathways to the bathroom, and parking location lighting. Most wedding receptions take place at night when dark which means your drunk friends are walking around in the dark. Light pathways, entrances, and exits to help those guests find their way.

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