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Our ivory cylinder candles are paired with glass cylinder vases to give your event an elegant evening glow. Pair multiple sized candles together to give your reception table dimension. 

4" candle & 6" vase - $6.00 each
6" candle & 8" vase - $7.00 each
8" candle & 10" vase - $8.00 each

We have larger vase heights from 15" to 30" to outline your sweetheart table, dress up your seating chart, or place at the entrance of your reception. Just ask us to add them to your proposal.

THE Features

Cylinder Candle Set

01. 4",6",8" cylinder candles with a 3" diameter

02. 6",8",&10" cylinder vase with a 4" diameter

03. Each candle burns for more than 12 hours

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THE policies

01. Rented in quantities of 1 & minimum rental of 12.

02. These candles cannot get wet with rain.

Lucid Candles are refillable, luquid candles that burn a real flame yet never melt down! Our Lucid Candles allow us to host high volumes of candle lite events without creating additional waste or unnecessary clean up. We used to throw away on average 100 candles per event weekend, now, we throw out zero, all thanks to our refillable lucid candles.

We Use Lucid Candles

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